smart websites that give you to tools for success

I passionately believe that websites should be easy for clients to update and manage and that’s why I LOVE using SQUARESPACE. Say goodbye to developer invoices for every change and regain total control over your website.

My websites make is super easy to manage every part of your website without any need to learn code! The Squarespace platform gives power and flexibility back to business owners.

I’m an Authorised Squarespace Trainer, so you can have total peace of mind that your website will be a powerful marketing tool for your business and I can train you or your team to maximise your time more efficiently, to change and grow your website as and when is needed.

With my help, you can concentrate on the strength of your marketing message and website content and give your website visitors a clear reason to contact you.

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Authorised Squarespace training

Do you have a Squarespace website that you created yourself and are struggling to manage it, or use it effectively? As an authorised trainer I can put your mind at ease and give you the knowledge and tools to maintain and modify your website with ease.

I provide 1-2-1 and group website training sessions that bring real benefits and enable people to take full control of their websites. I will quickly remove your pain and fears around updating your website, with clear and jargon-free language and I’ll give you the confidence to mange your site for future success.

There is no longer any need to panic or waste valuable hours trying to find out how to make a change, add a new page, add a blog, newsletter sign up or contact form, or know what the best way to prepare and upload images is. I’ll guide you through whats needed with hands on and practical advice.

You’ll be a website content expert in no time and feel happy with your new found website confidence!

Website Audits

Are you unhappy with the impact and performance of your current website? Get an impartial website audit with practical advice on how to improve it and give your visitors a clear reason why they should contact you.

Your website must have a clear message, be easy to navigate and have great content for a user friendly experience, but it also needs to be optimised correctly for search engines, load quickly and integrate with social media to increase your business visibility online.