Jason conway, Published Poet & Writer

I’m a passionate eco-poet, artist and designer based in Stroud, Gloucestershire. My inspiration is drawn from the joys and trials of life and the beauty and power of the natural world.


My mission is to encourage people to make a positive difference to the environment and within society, to protect nature, fight prejudice, face their fears and follow their dreams. My debut poetry collection ‘Phoenix Rises’ was designed and self-published by me in 2018 and was a labour of love and pain, symbolising a difficult year in my life. The phoenix is a metaphor for change and transformation which perfectly sums up my personal progress in self-development and life’s challenges.

I’ve been very fortunate to have had my poetry published in online poetry magazines, social media posts, business books and business advertising to date and I am proud to have been published in prestigious magazines, The Blue Nib and Poetry Bus.


Jason’s Poetry on Facebook

You can check out my Facebook poetry page for up to date posts about my poetry, events and news.

Please like and follow my posts there and I hope that you enjoy reading examples of my poetry too!

Only a selection of poems are posted there, as poems for competitions and for submission to magazines cannot be published in print or online for consideration.

If you’re a poet using Facebook, then it would be great to connect with you there. I also share my poetry on my Instagram and Pinterest accounts.


I’m a book designer too!

I designed and self-published my first poetry collection ‘Phoenix Rises’ and I have designed books and book covers for many clients over the years, from coffee table books and business publications, to novels and poetry.


The gloucestershire poetry society

Back in October 2016, a good friend, Ziggy, asked me if I would be interested in joining a new poetry group on Facebook, that he was starting. Little did I know what would happen when I said yes, and discovered my love and passion for poetry.

I’m a key member of the society, helping to promote and market events and festivals, as well as graphic and website design and social media marketing. I also run poetry workshops for the society and help to co-host at open mic events.

From humble beginnings, the society has grown to over 700 Facebook members, holding regular monthly open mic events in Gloucester and Cheltenham and an annual festival every October, The Gloucester Poetry Festival.


Poetry for Business, Charities and Organisations


Poetry for business

Hire me to create a unique poem to celebrate an event, a new marketing campaign or a new product or service.

Use the power of poetry to attract new audiences and customers for your brand. I can write a bespoke poem to engage people and create positive emotions for your business and brand. Other instances of how poetry can be used for promotion are at sporting events, award ceremonies, charity dinners, interior design and wall art.

You could have a poem displayed as an art installation, or as part of an interior office refurbishment, as a feature wall or in a recreation room, conference room or atrium.

Poetry Workshops for Business

As a poet, I can deliver poetry workshops to help boost staff creativity and combat stress and anxiety in the workplace. Poetry is such a powerful and expressive art form which can help to unlock hidden potential and creative thinking. It also helps people to appreciate life, nature and each other, by learning to really study peoples surroundings and all sides of an issue.

Poetry Workshops for health and charity

Work-related stress is on the rise, as well as an increasing awareness of and issues with mental health. Poetry workshops can help to nurture healing and creativity in those that have suffered or are still suffering from a range of mental health issues, as well as issues linked to mental and physical abuse, alcohol and drug abuse, bullying, grief, divorce and separation etc.

Poetry enables people to unlock their pain and transfer it onto paper, or a screen, as a way of healing and understanding. It can also be a powerful tool for awareness and change, empowering people to share their experiences with others.

In it’s simplest level, poetry is a pleasurable mechanism for creative thinking and expression that everyone can enjoy and learn, people from all backgrounds and abilities. The very process of thought and writing can be extremely profound.

Poetry commissions

Hire me to write an original poem to commemorate an occasion such as a birthday, birth, anniversary, wedding, death etc. Poems make memorable and unique gifts and are a great way to remember people by.


Poetry Performances

I love to share my words at poetry events, such as open mic, as a guest or feature poet, or at outdoor events and festivals.

To date, I’ve performed my poetry in at events across the South West Region, Staffordshire, Monmouthshire and the West Midlands.

If you’d like to book me for your poetry event, get in touch, as I’d love to be able to share my words there, if it’s viable.