A picture paints a thousand words

Nothing is truer of a brilliant book cover that quickly conveys the theme of a book to a potential reader. That's why your book, your labour of love needs a beautiful cover design. I can make your book stand out in a bookstore or shine online, and help to generate those much needed sales. 

Remember, your readers are busy people. They need to make up their mind in a very short time and a captivating cover can make or break that buying decision.

Book design that shines

Professional book design services for aspiring and established authors. Benefit from working with an award winning designer and artist with over 20 years creative expertise.

I can design books for fiction and non-fiction writers, poets, creatives, artists, organisations, foundations, trusts, charities, speakers and entrepreneurs.

The Gloucester Poetry Society Book Cover Design

How much does book design cost?

Book cover design from £195

Book design from £695

This price example is based on medium sized publications such as coffee table books, poetry books, photo books etc. Please note that this is an example price only, as books design can vary greatly depending on the amount of text and images needed. Please get in touch to discuss your book, so I can provide you with a fixed price for the project.

If you need something smaller designing - please get in touch for an individual quote.

Smaller publications are quoted for on a 'by project' basis due to the wide range of design options, layouts and finishes available. Please get in touch for a chat about your book and to request your fixed quote.


My Book design & related services

  • Book Design
  • Book Cover Design
  • Ebook Cover Design
  • Book Illustration
  • Book Art
  • Painting, Drawing & Sketching
  • Self Publishing Help
  • ISBN Registration
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Branding & Marketing
  • Press & Media Advert Design
  • Press Release Writing
  • Supporting Marketing & Promotional Materials
  • Web Banner & Advert Design
  • Animated Website Banner Design

Why hire me for book design & book cover design?

  • 20+ years experience working in creative industry
  • More than 15 years working as a self-employed branding expert.
  • Passion for art, design, poetry and literature
  • Award winning designer and artist
  • Very happy clients
  • Experience helping writers and authors to self publish
  • Design of hard bound books, paperback books, and spiral bound books, book covers, cover art, book illustration, coffee table books, calendars.
  • 20+ years experience print sourcing and print management

my book design gallerY

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Hire me as a creative coach & mentor

Writing a book is a very challenging process to go through - with lots of ups and downs. If you're struggling to get your book written and find yourself being bogged down or distracted, have you considered hiring a coach/mentor to help you achieve your goals?

Interested? I can provide you with a bespoke coaching package, to help you focus as a creative or business writer and author, and achieve your goals and dreams. You'll receive support when you need it, with clear goals set and regular accountability checks - to keep you motivated.

You can also benefit from decades of creative experience, with more than 17 years spent as an independent design expert and creative marketing advisor. You'll get much needed help to focus and plan your book, expert advice on design and marketing, and learn how to promote your book across social media.

Not only this, but I have many years of print management and sourcing experience to help you self publish cost effectively and professionally. You'll have your book printed to a very high standard with marketing materials to woo your customers and entice sales.

What better way to write, than with the support you need to get your work completed and published, and keep you filled with optimism and positivity!