I read and see more instances of posts and news articles on sustainability but just how many of us take action ourselves into how we operate, to limit our impact?

Sustainability isn’t simply about using a contract waste company to take away business waste, or cutting down on paper use. It’s far more complex than that.

I passionately believe that we need a shift-change in mindset to put planet and people before profit. Yes, I did say ‘before profit’. Why, well if we are to really change our habits, we need a radical shirt to achieve this. I am not for one minute saying that a business shouldn’t make a profit but what I am saying is that we must look after our people and our environment as an essential part of how a business operates.

Happy staff are loyal and more productive and by reducing the waste that is produced or seeking ways to ensure that everything that a business does is as sustainable as possible, mean a big tick for the environment too. Business owners all have a collective responsibility to minimise their impact and foster compassion and care for its employees and the environment.

With so much waste being produced and so many products and goods being consumed with little care for the lifecycle of those things, how they are made, what energy is used to create them and what happens after they serve their purpose, that it greatly worries me that we are digging our heads in the sand from an issue that will become a major impact to all of us in the near future.

Stress and anxiety in the workplace are on the increase and mindfulness is trying to change business culture and attitudes but people have less time and more work to do, so something has to give. People are the lifeblood of most businesses, so, look after them and their wellbeing and you not only create good energy and increased productivity, but happier and more collaborative staff and teams too.

Sustainability is not a new fad, it’s the ethical and right path to follow in a world of increased consumption and anxiety. I follow new initiatives being set up to learn what they are doing and I have also seen a rise in sustainability consultants, which is a good thing and hopefully businesses will be happy to adopt new methodologies to achieve sustainability. It’s time to take a step back and access how we can all do things better in business and take the time to nature people and our planet too.

Personally and as a freelancer, I’m doing what I can to have less impact and to look after my wellbeing and those around me. What do you do in your business to look after people and planet?

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