Worried about your brand and why your marketing is not performing? Then consider the three C’s of brand. Its not just Start-Ups that fail to engage, so if you’re just starting up a new venture or an established firm needing an injection of interest, consider these three points.

1. Consistency for a seamless presence

Picture the customer looking for a service or product. They read an email or spotted and ad that caught their attention. To find out more they checked out your website, app or a social media profile, only to see a mishmash of design, conflicting colour or too much information to digest.

Give customers a seamless journey and avoid mixed messages and confusion.

Use a number of creative firms for your brand? Make sure they’re all singing from the same hymn sheet with design, content and visuals that match.

Social media isn’t just a content stream for tips, trips, education or news. It’s another marketing area where your brand has numerous profiles. So ask a designer to create graphics in line with your brand. This will enable your audience to recognise your brand instantly.

2. Clarity of message

Your potential customers lead busy lives; so don’t muddy the water with over complicated content or visual design.

Give the viewer a concise message that’s to the point with a clear layout and make it easy for them to know exactly what you are offering.

So refine and simplify to create understanding.

3. Charm your audience

Finally add some charm to enchant potential customers into loving your brand and give them a reason to believe in and trust your message.

Create a positive and captivating message by adding a pinch of style and mix in some edge to the design. Use images that attract and statements that are bold but true.

Take heed, your message is just one of hundreds that your audience receives daily – make it stand out or fall back into obscurity!