I was delighted to see these photos, taken by my client PearceIT Limited, that were posted on Facebook recently.

I was asked to design a popup banner and flyer for the client, to promote themselves at a local business event. Over the years I have been fortunate to have provided many design and related services to them and I really enjoy working with clients that have a passion for what they do, especially when the support local charities.

PearceIT regularly give their old computers and equipment to local charity IT Schools Africa, who refurbish them and send them to schools in Africa to help with children’s education in the poorest regions.

The project was a great example of being part of a networking group. I am a member of Sterling Networks, which have a group based in Stroud. I was given the referral to design the banner and flyers and the production was given to a member that runs a signage company.

Local face-to-face networking really works and it’s a great way to build strong relationships with people.

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