V10 Poetry Pamphlets

I’ve just finished the design work and ordered the print for a new poetry Pamphlet called V10, now in its second edition.

V10 Pamphlet E2.jpg

The V10 Pamphlet features 10 poems by 10 selected poets and I was one of the poets chosen to be included in this and I share the pages with great poets!

I love poetry and being a key member of the Society and I’m very fortunate to have the opportunity to design the books and pamphlets for it and also help with marketing and strategy.

If you love poetry and would like a printed copy or an eBook version, get in touch. The pamphlets are £7 each and the ebooks are £1.95.

If you’d like to learn more about the Society visit their website at www.thegloucestershirepoetrysociety.co.uk

If you’d like to buy Edition1, I still have some paper copies left or you can order the eBook.

I’m a published poet and author and you can find out more on my website about it. If you’re interested in my book design and self-publishing services please get in touch for a chat.

The 3 C's of brand: Consistency, clarity & charm

Worried about your brand and why your marketing is not performing? Then consider the three C’s of brand. Its not just Start-Ups that fail to engage, so if you’re just starting up a new venture or an established firm needing an injection of interest, consider these three points.

1. Consistency for a seamless presence

Picture the customer looking for a service or product. They read an email or spotted and ad that caught their attention. To find out more they checked out your website, app or a social media profile, only to see a mishmash of design, conflicting colour or too much information to digest.

Give customers a seamless journey and avoid mixed messages and confusion.

Use a number of creative firms for your brand? Make sure they’re all singing from the same hymn sheet with design, content and visuals that match.

Social media isn’t just a content stream for tips, trips, education or news. It’s another marketing area where your brand has numerous profiles. So ask a designer to create graphics in line with your brand. This will enable your audience to recognise your brand instantly.

2. Clarity of message

Your potential customers lead busy lives; so don’t muddy the water with over complicated content or visual design.

Give the viewer a concise message that’s to the point with a clear layout and make it easy for them to know exactly what you are offering.

So refine and simplify to create understanding.

3. Charm your audience

Finally add some charm to enchant potential customers into loving your brand and give them a reason to believe in and trust your message.

Create a positive and captivating message by adding a pinch of style and mix in some edge to the design. Use images that attract and statements that are bold but true.

Take heed, your message is just one of hundreds that your audience receives daily – make it stand out or fall back into obscurity!

10 Tips To Turbocharge Your Ads

How often have you seen an advert that’s really caught your attention, be it on TV, the web or increasingly on our mobile devices?

Now I’ll ask the question the other way round ‘how often to you read bland and boring adverts’, can you remember any or can you even recall the business or product name? The answer is most likely NO!

Here are my 10 tips to create a memorable ad:

1) Have a catchy title

What is the point to an advert if there is no statement, claim or question that’s memorable - No point at all. If copy is not your forte, hire a wordsmith.

2) Keep it simple

Avoid confusing your audience at all costs! Make sure you have a clear message and a valid reason to get in touch.

3) Ad Social Links

Increase your chances of engagement and show your social media links on your ads. It shows that you’re current and enables your audience to learn more.

4) Limit your copy

Don’t panic and cram in every bit of text you think your customers need to know! Just include the very basic information that gives the ad credibility and a reason to get in touch.

5) Use legible fonts

Avoid using type that’s too abstract to be read easily and don’t make it too small - why should we have to squint to read your message - we have better things to do with our time! Keep it readable and you will keep our attention. 

6) Give space a chance

I’ve seen so many ads over the years crammed with content, a multitude of claims, a myriad of conflicting colour, or too many images. The power of space is a proven tool to add impact.

7) Get an incentive

What is the point of an ad that is just information about your business, service or product? Simply none. Give people a reason to read your ad with an incentive. This could be notification of a sale, special offer, reader discount, free gift etc.

8) Be different - Challenge conformity

It’s most likely that your product or service has a healthy amount of competition. So instead of toeing the line of conformity and common perception, try to think differently about your message to add impact.

9) Limit Jargon

Unless your ad is intended solely for peers in your industry, try to avoid jargon as much as you can. Ask yourself the question ‘would a customer know what this abbreviation or technical term means’? It’s better to be clear about what your product and service can do, than to confuse the reader.

10) Don’t DIY - Hire a designer!

Ultimately if you want your ads to work, don’t try and do it yourself or get a friend that dabbles in design to create them. That’s like performing open heart surgery after a few youtube tutorials!

Aliens spotted in Avebury

Two local college students at Avebury stone circles.

Two local college students at Avebury stone circles.

Stumbled across these two aliens whilst visiting Avebury Stone Circles in Wiltshire last weekend! Turns out they didn’t place the stones there thousands of years ago - they were just two students in costume!!! There goes my theory.