Photo by Ruth Davey -

Photo by Ruth Davey -

I simply love design & creativity

I’m a professional daydreamer and problem solver with a love of nature and the arts. I use creativity to bring original, beautiful and effective design and marketing to my clients.

People I love to work with

I love working with passionate people with a love for what they do, who are honest and transparent with strong ethics and sustainability and eco values. If this is you, then I'd love to work with you to build a sustainable brand. A brand that you can find success with and make a positive difference in your life, and the lives of your customers.

If you'd like to work with someone that says what they think, even if it's controversial, seeks what's best for the business, not just for you, creates or steers design and branding that works and strategic advice that grows your business - then it's time to see if I'm a good fit for you?

Give me a call on +44 (0) 1452 447000, email or connect with me on my social media accounts.


Art & Poetry

I began a career as a graphic designer back in 1997 from a background of fine art, photography and design. I’m a graduate from the University of Wolverhampton and went to the best college in the world (according to me naturally), Newcastle-Under-Lyme Tertiary College. The college instilled the desire to experiment creatively, which gave me a great grounding in the arts and design.

I love to paint and sketch and I also create photographic art and promote myself as a mindful artist. I love to escape into nature to recharge my batteries and seek inspiration, not only for my art and poetry, but also for my creative life. Nature is a great grounder and provides an abundance of fascination for me. My art focuses on the beauty of nature and I have had my work exhibited nationally and internationally.

I’m a published poet and a key member of The Gloucestershire Poetry Society, helping with strategy, organisation, marketing and design. I regularly perform my work at open mic events locally and nationally and I get booked as a Guest Poet too. I also run poetry workshops for the society. I’ve been published in online magazines and have self-published a range of books for myself and the society. For me, poetry is such an incredibly powerful and creative process and provides a constant boost to my overall creativity and problem solving skills.

Jason, you are such a talented guy and thoroughly deserve recognition for all of your hard work. I’ve always admired the passion, professionalism and ethics you demonstrate in every project you undertake.
— Deborah & Jan Manley Polar Coldrooms